1954 Cadillac in GM Storage Facility Built 60 Years Earlier

Providing not only the resources necessary to get through a restoration project, this site is dedicated to helping all hot rod project connoisseurs improve their experience, from learning about their car and other models, the history behind projects, and where to find the right tools, parts and help necessary for a full restoration.

Whether this is your first restore or your tenth, every hot rod will be different, and you will need some help to get it back on the road, even if you’re just driving it around the block to show it off. Allow us to support you in your restoration endeavors!

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The Most Common Restoration Mistakes
The Most Common Restoration Mistakes
January 12, 2018
When restoring a hot rod, many enthusiasts and beginners alike will try to go for it. But, even people who have been at this for decades can make silly mistakes. Here are some of the most co...

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