Mike Mavrigian’s 8BA Flathead Engine Build is Complete! Read the Final Installment

Back in May, Mike Mavrigian, HRR’s tech editor, began building an 8BA Ford Flathead engine at his Creston, Ohio, shop, Birchwood Automotive Group. He’s documented the build on his website, www.precisionenginetech.com.

“This particular build is intended to provide a primer for a first-time Flathead build,” Mavrigian wrote. “Of course, I could have performed several additional upgrades, but while I did perform a few modifications, this build is not intended as an example of a build that features all of the potential bells and whistles. I didn’t perform valve relieving or porting, and I didn’t install a blower setup, etc.”

The first installment of the Flathead build (which you can read here) was meant to be a basic overview of the build and included the addition of some aftermarket products and custom modifications. Mavrigian used all aftermarket products for the build (with the exception of the bare block, the oil pan and the rear oil pump drive cover, which were original.)

“A few key features of the build include a Scat stroker crank and Scat rods, custom-profiled Egge pistons, a nice little Isky cam, Edelbrockaluminum heads, an Edelbrock triple-deuce intake adorned with three Demon98 carbs and an MSD billet distributor,” Mavrigian wrote in July. “The spark plug wire routing involves a custom setup that I think looks ultra-cool.”

The next part of the engine build covered the process in which Mavrigian located a rebuildable block for this project, and then tear-down and initial disassembly. Other topics covered in this part included discussed the engine’s crankshaft, cylinder head fitting and how Mavrigian dressed the block. You can read that installment here.  

This photo shows the crankshaft fully installed.

Last week, Mavrigian posted his final installment of the build, which covered crankshaft balancing, valvetrain and crankshaft assembly. As in the last two installments, Mavrigian documented each step of the build with photos and detailed descriptions. The final installment also includes a complete crank and rod specs and results, as well as a parts and part number list. Contact information for all of the suppliers whose products were used in the build is also included.

Mavrigian says that he will include a special installment that covers piston and connecting rod assembly and installation, timing cover, water pump and cylinder head installation.

To read the final part of the Flathead engine build click here.

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